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Making ideas happen...

Advertising experts helping businesses of all kinds!

Making ideas happen...

Advertising experts helping businesses of all kinds!

About Us


Dali Advertising is an ambitious company with compelling creativity based in Limassol - Cyprus. We specialize in making your company look its best. Our advertising materials contain high quality professional graphics and advertising material. We are - the one source - for all your companies design and advertising needs. Allow us to give you the competitive edge necessary to become a leader in your marketplace. Follow us, we want to work with you, expand on your ideas, and create the program best suited to your needs and budget.

Our company can generate all types of artwork, based on graphic design, motion graphics & video - radio production, print ad, and web site design.


Dali Advertising has the ability to handle any project from start to finish. We can supply you with creative TV adverts, print ads, brochures, catalogs and all corporate graphic material mentioned analyzed in targeted advertising.

Great sales material can bring excitement, interest and vibrancy to your business as well as increased revenue. We are dedicated to serving the needs of businesses.

Now is the time to take your company image to the next level and Dali Advertising can get you on the road to improved success in no time.

We are not only productive we are effective.


Dali Advertising is such a synergy... a coming together of a team of talented individuals from a variety of disciplines, joining forces to synthesize creative and efficient solutions to your graphic design, advertising and marketing needs.

We are very proud of our team, working with enthusiasm and focus completely to the project we handle.

We can fortunate to work with various sectors such as hotels, construction companies, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, boutiques e.t.c providing our services with full professionalism and creativity ensuring the best result to keep your company’s name on top of the marketplace.


Motion Graphics / TV Commercials

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